It’s Almost Hurricane Season – Are You Ready?

It's Almost Hurricane Season - Are You Ready?Every year in Florida it arrives. Unlike the holidays, though, preparing your home for hurricane season doesn’t entail putting multi-colored lights up on the roof or ornaments in a tree. Rather, it could mean pulling tree branches from your roof or windows if you aren’t properly prepared!

Getting your home ready for Florida’s yearly hurricane season – which runs between June 1st through November 30th – is definitely something that you don’t want to put off. This is because when a big storm is on the way, it could be much too late to protect your property from the high wind and flying debris.

One of the best things that you can do to protect your home is to either purchase or make storm shutters for your windows and sliding glass doors. If making the shutters yourself, be sure that they are constructed from either a marine or exterior grade plywood that is a minimum of 5/8 inches thick. This will help to protect glass breakage into your home.

Be sure, also, that attached structures such as porches, decks, sheds, and carports are structurally sound and firmly attached. Otherwise, they could become dangerous flying debris. You should also ensure that the caulk around all of your doors and windows is thick and secure. This is because wind-driven rain can oftentimes cause moisture damage – even if these structures stay in-tact.

If a storm is predicted to be heading your way any time soon, it’s also a good idea to move outdoor furnishings such as pool and / or patio furniture indoors. That way, it will be out of the wind and won’t fly into your home’s windows or other areas. While a light plastic chair may not appear to be harmful, when it is picked up by a 100-mile-per-hour wind, the damage can be substantial.

Purchasing a generator is also a good idea in case of a power outage. While you may not be able to light up your entire home with this power replacement, it can help you to ride out the storm, and the aftermath.

Be sure to follow these and other hurricane safety tips – and to keep your home safe and secure during this year’s hurricane season.

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