3 05, 2016

Buying a Condo in Orlando? There are Some Questions You Need to Ask First

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Buying a condo in Orlando or the surrounding area can be a great investment - regardless of whether you opt to live in it full time, or only visit occasionally and rent the unit out while you're away. There are certainly numerous reasons to choose Orlando as either a home, or as a regular vacation [...]

26 01, 2016

Should You or Shouldn’t You Escrow for Homeowners Insurance Into Your Mortgage Payment

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When purchasing a home, there will be many questions to consider - especially when it comes to your payment options. One of those will be whether or not you should set up an escrow account, or take on the responsibility yourself for paying your homeowners insurance. The simple answer to this questions is - it [...]

23 12, 2015

Nervous? – Now May Just Be the Perfect Time to Buy

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It's a well known fact that the economic recession of 2008-2009 hit the sunshine state fairly hard - and in doing so, it brought housing prices down considerably. For current homeowners at the time, it was difficult to see the value of their property decline. Now, however, things have started to turn around. It may [...]

8 12, 2015

Considerations When Buying a Vacation Home

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As interest rates have continued to stay low, now just may be a great time to take advantage of purchasing a second or vacation home - and what better place to do so than in sunny Florida. In fact, in many areas in and around Orlando, buyers could find that prices are down considerably from [...]

1 12, 2015

Tips for Buying a Home With a Pool

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When purchasing a home in the sunshine state of Florida, there's a good chance that there will be a swimming pool in the yard. This can be appealing for many - especially if it's an amenity that you're accustomed to. But if pool ownership isn't something that you're already familiar with, then there are several [...]

24 11, 2015

Tips for the Home Buyer’s Final Walkthrough

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Purchasing a new home is always exciting. There's lots to think about in terms of how you want to decorate, the amenities you want to add, and where you want to put your furniture - both current and possibly some new! But prior to the closing on the property, you should always do a final [...]

20 10, 2015

Waiting Too Long to Purchase Could Be Costly

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Over the past several years, the U.S. has been set in a time of historically low interest rates - and, while this has been rough for those who are in fixed-income investments, it has provided those who are seeking home loans with a great deal of opportunity for low-interest mortgage loans. Today, however, we are [...]

6 10, 2015

Becoming an Empty Nester in Orlando? Don’t Worry – There are Plenty of Choices!

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Although Orlando is well known for its theme parks and other attractions that primarily cater to those who are young, the truth is, the Central Florida area has a lot to offer for people of all ages. And, for those who are now - or who will soon become - empty nesters, there are several [...]

15 09, 2015

What To Expect At Closing

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You've found the perfect house, you've qualified for a loan, and all has gone smoothly with the inspections. You're now in the final stretch of the process - and your closing date has been set. At that time, you'll receive the keys to your new home at it will at last be yours. There are [...]

9 09, 2015

Home Mortgage Shopping Tips

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As more home buyers have entered into the market over the past year or so, one question is on the minds of most - how can you obtain the very best financing? The purchase of a home is a big step for most people - and the majority would be unable to make this dream [...]