28 06, 2016

Should You Renovate or Sell Your Home As-Is?

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When preparing to sell your home, you may question whether you should renovate or sell your home as-is. Should you update or offer it in as-is condition. This may especially be the case if your current residence is older and / or in need of some current fix-up. The answer to this question has been [...]

7 06, 2016

Thinking of Selling? How to Find the Right Price for Your Home

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If you're thinking of moving, it's natural to want to get as much as possible from the home you're selling. This is especially the case if you've put any type of updates into your current property such as a new kitchen or baths. There may be other "benchmarks" that you are basing your intended sale [...]

17 05, 2016

5 FSBO Mistakes That Can Really Cost You

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For years, many sellers have opted to go the route of FSBO - or For Sale By Owner - when selling their homes. Certainly, one of the biggest reasons for this is to try and make the most of their real estate investment by forgoing the commission that would otherwise be paid to a real [...]

12 04, 2016

How to Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

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If you're thinking about selling your home but it's looking a bit "tired," you may be wondering if it's worth the effort to update it, or leave it as-is in order to increase the chances of selling it as quickly as possible, and for the most profit. Well, the good news is that there are [...]

23 02, 2016

Price Your Home Right – Without Giving It Away

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Getting your home on the market - especially if you're under a time crunch - can often be a challenge. One of the key concerns that many sellers have is setting the initial price. In this case, you want your property to sell quickly, but at the same time, you don't want to potentially cheat [...]

15 12, 2015

6 Tips for Preparing Your Home for an Open House

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Although most homes that are for sale today are listed - with photos - on the Internet, one of the very first tasks that a seller needs to do is get their property scheduled for an open house. Opening your home up to potential buyers can give them a chance to really see the property [...]

10 11, 2015

If Your Home For Sale Isn’t Generating “Lookers,” When Should You Lower the Price – Or Should You?

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Oftentimes, when a seller has their home on the market and it isn't generating any potential buyers, one of the first things that comes to mind is should you lower the price in order to speed up the process. This is especially the case if other homes in the area have been selling. But, before [...]

3 11, 2015

Understanding Your Home’s Appraisal Can Help You Get Top Dollar When Selling

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When preparing to sell your home, certainly one of the biggest factors in most sellers' minds is how much they can get in terms of price. Yet, while obtaining as much as you possibly can is important, setting the price properly up front can oftentimes dictate how long your home will remain on the market [...]

27 10, 2015

Selling Your Home “As Is”

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Throughout the years, there have been many debates over whether it is better to fix up or enhance a property, making updates where necessary so that it shows better and potentially entices higher purchase offers, or to sell a home "as is," saving the seller's money and ultimately allowing a potential buyer to obtain a [...]

23 09, 2015

To Stage or Not to Stage

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When the time comes to sell your home and move on, there are a number of key tasks that sellers need to do in order to help the house sell faster. Certainly, removing clutter and engaging in an overall clean up are obvious. But what about other potential sales modes? For example, one approach that [...]