How to Begin Your Orlando Home Search

Looking for that perfect home can be fun and exciting. If you’re about to begin your Orlando home search, though, you will likely find that there are countless options out there to choose from – so how and where should you start? Simply diving in without guidance can become overwhelming, and unfortunately, having too many choices may leave you confused and frustrated.

What to Ask When Searching for the Perfect HomeWhat to ask when searching for the perfect home? Your real estate agent can help you to narrow down your search. However, asking yourself some questions beforehand can help you to guide your agent to the right types of properties in the database. Some of the key questions to ask yourself should include the following:



  • How much space will you need – and why?
  • Are you seeking a newly built home or an older home?
  • Would you consider a “fixer upper”?
  • How important is accessibility to main routes?
  • Are you looking for a ranch style or a two-story home? Or would you prefer a condo or a townhouse?
  • Is there a particular style that you prefer such as Colonial, Contemporary, or Craftsman?
  • Is the stability of the neighborhood a priority for you?
  • Do you need to live near public transportation?
  • What amenities are essential for you (and your family, if applicable)?
  • And of course, the all important question will be, what is your desired location?

As you begin to look at different homes, you may add or alter some of your priorities, as you will learn along the way. It may also be necessary to decipher between your needs and your wants – especially after you find a home that you like and get into negotiations with the seller.

For more information on finding that perfect home, give me a call. With more than 20 years of real estate experience, I’ll get to work on finding you the ideal space, based on your specific goals and needs.

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